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Northcote.co.uk is your link to the investor community

Free services to all listed companies

Northcote.co.uk has listed your company information on our site. We have prepared your investor relations information to form a direct link for the investors who use our site and want to use your site. We provide a leading financial portal that investors use as a valuable research tool for getting to your financial information. We know that the following groups already use our site regularly:

  • Private Investors
  • Potential Investors
  • Institutional Investors
  • Investment Banks
  • Foreign Investors
  • The Press
  • Law firms
  • Accountants

This service is completely free to all companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and we enable your financial data to be accessed through our portal. Your Annual Report and results and general company details have been included on a unique page for your company with clickable links straight through to your company's site. We aim to encourage the investor to view your information online and hence create a potential communication link between your company and your investors. This page and the indexes are serviced throughout the year and all basic changes are updated.

Additional chargeable services

Extra links

Northcote.co.uk can add any number of additional links from your site onto our site which will increase the breadth and depth of information you make available to the investor. The links can be updated and changed at any time and will be synchronized with the release of your information on your site. Increasing the amount of information enables a higher level of communication between you and your investor.

Company Overview

Northcote.co.uk provides a section on your page for you to publish your company overview, which is a descriptive text insert of about 100 words that you can use to describe your company. An example of this text is your CEO's statement to the investor and is used to encourage the investor to be informed on the function and performance of your company. We can either publish this text or provide advice on creating a suitable message for you.

We encourage you to update this text at least four times a year and each time you company will appear in the recently updated companies on our home page.

Press Releases

A valuable tool to keep your investors informed. Northcote.co.uk can provide additional text above the 'Company Overview' that summarises the latest press release of interest to investors with it's own prominent link. It is our intention to provide the most timely information to your investors. The press release summary can be generated by you or alternatively Northcote.co.uk can offer to write the summary based on the release received from your Investor Relations/Media Relations department.

Every time you send us a press release your company will appear in the recently updated companies on our home page.

E-mail Alerts

Northcote.co.uk provides a free e-mail notification service for the users of the site which informs them of updates to the company site. Additionally the investor can sign up for e-mail alerts from subscribing companies which inform them of specific targetted messages that you as a subscribing company want delivered.

Targetted messages can range from a special e-mail news letter to all press releases, financial announcements, acquisitions, AGM announcements and dividend information. This added value service to people who opt in, offers you a real opportunity to build a relationship with interested investors.

Northcote Audit

Do you know how good your Investor Relations site is?

With our unrivaled experience of UK Investor Relations sites and our depth of research, Northcote knows what is good and what is not. We can conduct a range of regular audits of your Investor Relations site and provide you with a full reports allowing you to act to make improvements.

As an information provider it is our aim to offer you the most beneficial services to create an accurate and complete representation of your financial data. With an active investor audience we feel it is essential to communicate the correct message to your investors and enable easy access to your company information. The Northcote.co.uk Audit offers you the ability to perfect your transmission and increase the capacity of information that can reach your investor audience.

Why use Northcote?

  • Widen your investor audience
  • Enable a higher level of communication
  • Reach your investors in real time

We would be delighted to talk to you about any of these services in person, on the telephone of by e-mail. If you are interested, please contact:

Bede Northcote
Managing Director
Northcote Data Ltd.
Unit 4, Spaces Business Centre
15-17 Ingate Place
London, SW8 3NS

e-mail: bede@northcote.co.uk
Tel: +44 (020) 7498 6328
Fax:+44 (020) 7498 6375